My Projects

I like to work on many different types of projects including electrical, software, design and mechanical. Lately I have found myself particularly interested in projects that allow me to involve my children in some way - you will find none of those listed here right now though.

This is currently a simple list to help me keep track of what I want to document

This entire website is built on a custom framework that is intended to make creating web applications fast, simple and reliable. I call the framework Graphene.

BerryJS is an extensible JavaScript Form library to simplify form layout, validation, and data management down to a simple object declaration

COBLER (COntent BuiLdER) is a modular framework for building content such as blogs, pages, forms and even hardware UI.

The combination of the above and several more modules has allowed me to create my pride and joy application... uh I'll disclose it when its done...ish.

Recently I was considering joining a Makerspace who needed a logo as they were just starting out. I spent a little time and shared my results with them, they decided to adopt it.



Ardunio Interface builder

Static Site generator

Over the years I have done many more and am beginning an attempt to begin documenting them as much as possible... more to come.